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The purpose of this Website is to help people, who legally posses DMP (Deer Management Permits),
get in contact with each other for the purpose of Consignment of that permit.

This site is for getting people in contact with each other and will NOT help in the actual transfer of the DMP.

Both parties must posses a valid New York State Hunting License as described by the New York State DEC.

Each party involved, the person trading the DMP and the person receiving the DMP,
must register with this service.

A valid email address must be provided and verified prior to gaining access to this site.

By Registering with this page or by logging into this page you agree to these conditions.

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DEC details on Consignment of Deer Management Permits can be seen by following this link.
Consignment of DMP.

DEC Zone Map can be seen by following this link. Zone Map.

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