Range Rules


1.General. Live firing conducted at the outdoor rifle/pistol range and shotgun fields is designed to provide authorized personnel access to a facility where they can become proficient with privately-owned guns. The rifle/pistol range is designed for practice with single projectile firearms. The skeet and trap fields near the clubhouse area are designed for use with shotguns firing shotshells.

2. Facilities for use. Range availability times are defined by the board of directors.

3. Live fire only on defined ranges


1. Authorized personnel
  a) The range is for use by "Range Card" holding members, only.
  b) Guests are not allowed. Active members may observe but only active key holders may participate in any shooting activity.
  c) Personnel approved by the club officers and board of directors on a case-by-case basis.
  d) Members under age 18 may not be issued a range key but may participate in shooting activity when accompanied and supervised by a regular active member who is an active range key holder.

3. You must post your "Range Card" on the bulletin board while shooting.

4. Eye and ear protection is required.

5. First shooter entering range should activate "Range Hot" sign. Last shooter leaving range should deactivate "Range Hot" sign.

6. Only one shooting position (bench) is permitted per member.

7. Fire only authorized guns and ammunition. Rifles smaller than .50 caliber center fire; pistols and shotguns any caliber or gauge. No tracer or armor-piercing ammunition. Shot shells fired should be limited to shot shell patterning only. Rifled slugs and saboted slugs only.

8. The right table/platform is intended for use by handgun or rim fire rifle shooters only. The right six benches are to be used for the 100 yard range, only. The left four benches are to be used for the 200 and 300 yard ranges, only. The 400 yard bench will only be used if the range is clear and there are no other shooters at the range. Should another shooter arrive to use the range the solitary shooter at the 400 yard bench will cease firing immediately. Any and all shooters have priority over the shooter at the 400 yard bench. No cross-firing allowed.

9. Fire at authorized targets, only.
  a) Flat targets made of paper, cardboard or special metal spinners or knockdowns are the only targets allowed. No human mannequin targets are allowed. Remove all targets after use. Shooters are encouraged to bring and use personal portable stands and targets.
  b) Targets made of glass or plastic, tin cans or exploding targets are not allowed.
  c) Ensure all projectiles impact within the established range safety limits. All targets must be placed in front of or aligned within respective berm backstops.
  d) No targets are to be placed to the left of the 100 yard berm in front of the pond.
      Do not shoot into pond.

10. Personnel responsibilities.
  a) All shooters are responsible for proper behavior for themselves and others.
    Do not tolerate misconduct by others.
    Report unsafe acts, conditions or vandalism to the Range Safety Officer, Club officers or directors.
    Anyone using a firearm in an unsafe manner or not following range rules will be asked to leave.
  b) Prior to firing conduct a range safety inspection and verify no one is down range.
  c) Police all brass, paper and other debris. "If you carry it in, carry it out".
  d) No vehicles are permitted to drive on the sod area of any range.
  e) Access to the 200 and 300 yard targets is provided on the existing roadway.
  f) Obey posted signs.
  g) Any wildlife seen on the range is protected.

11. "Cease Fire" or "Time" must be called prior to any shooter moving forward of the firing line.
  a) At a call for "Cease Fire" or "Time" all firearms must be benched, chambers empty, actions open with safeties on and pointing downrange.
  b) No one is to move forward of the designated firing line unless "Cease Fire" or "Time" is called.
  c) No firearms are to be handled while any shooter is downrange.
  d) All guns shall be pointed downrange and at authorized targets only.
  e) No one is to stand and fire forward of the designated firing line.
  f) Do not load firearms until ready to shoot.
  g) Keep finger off trigger until ready to shoot
  h) Give the command "Cease Firing" if an unsafe condition exists.

12. Alcoholic Beverages and Drugs. Shooters may not consume alcoholic beverages or drugs (including prescription and over-the-counter medications) before or during live firing.

13. Medical Support. In the event of a medical emergency call 911 and notify the Range Safety Officer, a club officer or director immediately. The 911 address for the rifle/pistol range is 1342 Barringer Road.

14. Scheduled Events.
  a) Prior to live firing during a scheduled event a Range Inspection Checklist shall be completed.
  b) Prior to live firing during a scheduled event a Range Safety Briefing shall be completed.

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