** Winter Sporting Clays **
Top of The Hill
2017/2018 Season

Winter Season is in full swing and another great day for some Sporting Clays.  Mild 35 degrees with a little wind to make things interesting.

It takes a lot of volunteers to make this all happen so any and all help is very much appreciated.

I have updated the scores for the IFAGC Winter Sporting Clays and have posted them on the website.  http://www.ilionfishandgameclub.com

Follow the link on the 'Scores' page for 'Winter Sporting Clays - 2017/2018 - Season'

Add some great targets and that made for another outstanding day on Top of the Hill.

01/27 - We had 51 shooters show up to enjoy some great targets and shot a total of 75 rounds, an outstanding turn out.

Thank you to Jim Russell, Ric Roberts, John LaCelle and David Cruger for getting the course up and running. 

Thank you to Joe Chambrone for running the desk and keeping everything moving smoothly.

Thank you to Shawn and Gail Carney for that great breakfast and lunch, simply outstanding.

Shoot Date: 01/27
Average Score: 34.053
High Score For The Day: 48 - Joe Murray (20g)
Scores over 40: 26

47 - Michael Marsh and Joe Murray (28g)
45 - David Cruger, Gary Norman and Randy Griffin
44 - Bob Cannan, Julian Muha and Rich Reynolds
43 - Ron Bunce, Randy Shields, Michael Marsh and Dan Mahay
42 - Ron Bunce, Julian Muha, Gint Reider, Rich Reynolds, Randy Shields and Randy Griffin

Thank you to all the hardworking trappers, don't forget the tip jar.
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See you at the club.

David D. Cruger                                                     (92286)